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  • UK Hails Win Over Tax-Avoidance Scheme March 16, 2018
    HM Revenue and Customs, the UK tax agency, has lauded a ruling in its favor secured before the courts that will save the UK exchequer tens of millions of pounds in related tax-avoidance cases.
  • Davis Resigns UK To Shorter Brexit Transition Period March 16, 2018
    In an interview with UK state news agency BBC's Newsnight, David Davis, the UK's Brexit negotiator, said the UK would "live with" the December 2020 transition deal being offered by the European Union as part of Brexit, even though the UK had sought the later date of March 2021.
  • Cairn Hopeful Of Indian Tax Case Win In August March 16, 2018
    In its preliminary first quarter results for this year, published on March 13, 2018, Cairn Energy provided an update on the ongoing tax dispute with authorities in India, being heard in international arbitration under the UK-India Bilateral Investment Treaty.
  • UK Invites Input On Potential Measures For Next Budget March 13, 2018
    Having moved to a single Budget each year, the UK's Spring Statement featured only prospective changes to the UK tax regime, focusing on tax settings for digital firms and a new tax on single-use plastic waste.
  • UK Accountants Suggest Simpler Making Tax Digital Penalties March 13, 2018
    In its response to HM Revenue and Customs's consultation on the penalties regime for its Making Tax Digital project, the Association of Taxation Technicians has suggested a simpler and more understandable regime.
  • UK Tax Agency Tightening Net On Offshore Tax Evaders March 8, 2018
    HM Revenue and Customs has warned UK taxpayers that the deadline for disclosing offshore assets before tougher penalties are introduced is approaching, and has announced new proposals to provide more time for it to investigate someone who has failed to declare the right amount of tax.
  • UK Accountants Welcome Benefit-In-Kind Tax Simplifications March 8, 2018
    The Association of Taxation Technicians in the UK has welcomed the tax agency's proposal to simplify PAYE Settlement Agreements, which simplify the taxation of some benefits-in-kind for employers and allow employees to receive those benefits free of tax.
  • UK Tables Regulations For Making Tax Digital Initiative February 28, 2018
    The UK Government has released The Value Added Tax (Amendment) Regulations 2018, which were tabled in the House of Commons on February 28, 2018, to provide for the introduction of new digital tax administration obligations for value-added tax registered persons in the UK, stemming from the Government's Making Tax Digital project.
  • Ireland Publishes Study Of Brexit Trade Impact February 20, 2018
    The Irish Government has published a new study on the impact Brexit could have on trade, which warns that in a worst-case scenario, Ireland's GDP growth could be reduced by seven percent by 2030.
  • IMF Recommends Broad Tax Reform For The UK February 20, 2018
    In its annual report for authorities in the UK, the International Monetary Fund said the country should consider reining in the scope of preferential value-added tax rates, equalizing the tax treatment of employed and self-employed persons, reforming property taxes, and reducing the corporate tax code's bias towards debt.